We are building the backbone for an open and flexible network. There are countless ideas for how we can put this to use. These include:

  • Rider metrics — speed, miles, carbon offset, calories. Learn whether your commute is quicker depending on your route or time of day.
  • Route metrics — identify bottlenecks, bike traffic, under-utilized lanes.
  • Route-based alerts — know about obstructions and accidents, but only those that are on your usual route.
  • Co-rides — join up with people who share your commutes for minimal-mass rides.
  • Commute planning — based on real ride data, not driver data. Utilize rider feedback about hazards etc.
  • Tag hazards — real-time (parked in bike lane) and long-term (dangerous intersections)
  • Real-time alerts — lights or vibrating handle bars as you approach a dangerous intersection
  • Bike lane maps — evaluate current and proposed bike lanes
  • Community Building — games and competitions with friends or neighborhoods
  • Sensemaking — log noise, road quality, sudden stops