Get Involved

This project is under rapid development. We have a couple grant-funded opportunities, and room in our growing network of contributors. Read more about opportunities to get involved below.

We seek a handful of cyclists to help test our tools. Requirements: you ride a couple days of week between regular locations (work, school, home, bar). You have fun trying things even if they’re broken. You can provide thoughtful, constructive feedback. For this, you get to brag that you were the first.

We have lots of people interested in helping. There are plenty of projects, but we could use your savvy to help keep the gears moving. Even just a few hours per week would be great.

We have a handful of tools under development. These range from mapping and data visualization, to social tools. Your expertise could help on the server side or on user experience for the dashboards.

Paid opportunity for a python developer »

We have developed an html & Javascript app using PhoneGap. We need help from patient cyclists willing to help test. We need designers to improve the look and features. We need a coder to port this over to iphone.

Code with us at:

The phone is a great tool for collecting and managing location based data but why can’t the bicycle itself be the tool and the phone simply a portal? Let your bicycle keep track of your location, speed, distance, etc and potentially even a platform for other types of sensors. Ideas:

  • Lights Integration – Internal LED’s
  • Safety Warnings
  • GPS
  • Add-ons?
  • Dynamo Powered
  • Community building
  • Poster design
  • Blogging & Social Media