Web App Developer

Open Source Startup seeks consultant for app development.


Cyclee is a movement to build a stronger and more visible community of cycling commuters. Cyclee provides the backbone to network riders for the benefit of themselves, their community, and the city at-large. Cyclee pushes the use of open source and open data while giving individuals the control they deserve over their private information.

In the early stages of development, Cyclee has tested a mobile application to trace routes of riders. We have prototyped a bike-powered hardware solution to push the boundaries of social cycling further. Cyclee has received two grants from the Green Fund and the Social Innovation Fund to push the development of our service forward.

Web App Developer

At this time, we seek a Web App Developer to build the server-side tools for our service.


  • Evaluate options for database and framework
  • Plan data architecture
  • Develop framework, database, and CMS
  • Develop API for mobile tools and web dashboards
  • Develop bare-bones dashboard to demonstrate features
  • Not responsible for developing mobile tools
  • We have a range of partners providing support with hardware, GIS, and outreach. We expect you to be an expert, not Renaissance Man Two-point-O.

Scope & Time

We are prepared to pay competitive rates for truly a qualified consultant. We hope to do the bulk of development during August, bringing things to a higher polish during September. We expect to scope the details of your work and our shared process as the first phase of our work together.


  • Agile: App must be designed for ongoing agile development, ready to evolve and to scale.
  • API: Must be clearly documented and friendly to a range of developer skills, internal and external.
  • Secure: Privacy and security are paramount.
  • Geo: Data will utilize extensive Geocoding/GIS. Experience not required, but a big plus.
  • Authentication: must provide means for both mobile apps and hardware alternatives to authenticate. Note: you are responsible for providing a gateway for these tools, not their development.


The web app primarily functions to capture geo-coded data pushed from mobile apps and hardware. Rides, obstructions, and shared routes are a few of the assets that will be tied to users and the street grid.

Next Steps

Send us a note of interest and we can discuss more details about the project details. Please share information about:

  • Your interest in urban planning, livable cities, and/or cycling
  • Your interest and expertise with relevant frameworks
  • Your rates and availability this summer and fall

Send us a note